Optimum Performance Studio is more than just the hub for fitness education and training. At Optimum Performance Studio, we believe in the philosophy of training the way that you play.

At OPS we believe in keeping your workouts fun and dynamic yet innovative and challenging. Our classes incorporate the most basic movement patterns with innovative technology to create different intensity levels.

This allows participants to safely work at their own fitness level. Our experienced Coaches will inspire you to move better, feel better, and enjoy yourself in the process.


Optimum Performance Studio (OPS) is a boutique studio that believes in making exercise functional and fun, by fusing fitness with play.  People know that exercise is important for leading a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately exercise to some people might seem like too much work. At OPS, will bring you a total fun experience you won’t even notice that you are working out.

Optimum Performance Studio will be brining you a whole new Training Experience SOON, with a new PAVIGYM training studio and expanded timetable with loads of new and exciting classes.

During our makeover, we will be offering you the following classes that will keep. you motivated and feeling awesome.

Train-Like-An-Athlete sessions are more intense, strength challenged an inspired to train the way you play. Tools used in this session include kettlebells, ViPR, Bulgarian bags and more. Suitable for those who enjoy using equipment in their workouts.

Power Max – Burn more calories, break through fitness plateaus, achieve your personal best and have fun in the process! A variety of training methods are applied, including HIIT, circuit training, HVIT. This session is mainly bodyweight training.

Body Blast – Experience non-stop body sculpting and heart-pumping action with cardio, strength, and core exercises! This class combines circuits, intervals, and sustained movement patterns that will build your stamina and overall strength.

Just like our TRX BURN class the TRX CIRCUIT CLASS will incorporate the TRX plus other high intensity training, giving you the ultimate workout using the TRX. This class is limited to 8 people.

Mobility Plus is a class designed to relieve tight muscles and any tender spots that the body might accumulate over a days activities, or non-activities. Incorporating 3 dimensional movement preparation patterns with foam rolling at the end of class.

PAVIGYM™- The ultimate fitness experience utilising our functional zone, LED lighting , music, pressure sensitive wall and floor panels with the latest technology, to create a unique and innovative workout. Burn more calories  to help you achieve your personal best while having fun.

Total Core – Is not your average abs workout, rather focussing in on your core strength and stability.  This class is total core work.  Exercises, and balance drills to train your inner core. Using a combination of animal flow movements to stimulate your core in a 3 dimensional environment.

TRX & Powerplate – Experience the intensity of combining Power Plate and TRX to maximise your core stability, increase overall strength and see improved muscle tone. Focusing on form, strength, flexibility and balance. Some TRX experience is required.

OPS FLOW-is our mind body class incorporating the best of yoga tai chi and pilates, this class will leave you feeling invigorated and fresh, improves balance strength and stability, will also help relax your mind

Celebrate what you have accomplished. Discover more about yourself.


Each 50 minute session uses 2 credits










All sessions/package purchases are to be made in person before attending sessions.  Payment methods: cash or EPS.

In addition to group classes, we offer personal training/small group training designed to target client-specific needs