Optimum Performance Studio is more than just the hub for fitness education and training. At Optimum Performance Studio, we believe in the philosophy of training the way that you play. At OPS we believe in keeping your workouts fun and dynamic yet innovative and challenging. Our classes incorporate the most basic movement patterns with innovative technology to create different intensity levels. This allows participants to safely work at their own fitness level. Our experienced Coaches will inspire you to move better, feel better, and enjoy yourself in the process.

Optimum Performance Studio (OPS) is a boutique studio that believes in making exercise functional and fun, by fusing fitness with play.  People know that exercise is important for leading a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately exercise to most people seems like too much work. What if you could have so much fun that you didn’t even notice you were exercising.  Using the PAVIGYM integrated training system, you will find your inner child and play while you train, gaining both the physical benefit as well as being able to let go of the stresses in your day. Our mission is to encourage a friendly social environment, while providing a safe effective interactive training session while educating you on efficient moment for life.

The ultimate fitness experience utilising our functional zone, LED lighting , music, pressure sensitive wall and floor panels with the latest technology, to create a unique and innovative workout. Games, competitions, reaction training challenges, and LED light guided approach makes this experience suitable for all levels. The class improves your cardio conditioning, burn more calories  and helps you achieve your personal best while having fun.

A fast tempo Mat Pilates session with more standing body work and higher repetition to get your heart rate up. This session is not as intense as a typical high intensity cardio workout however HIP is still a good challenge that will get your core stronger for advanced workouts integrating many Pilates movements mixed with various Pilates and Pilates inspired exercises, HIP burns a good deal of calories, and it is a great lead into other high intensity workouts.

Train-Like-An-Athlete sessions are more intense, strength challenged an inspired to train the way you play. Tools used in this session include kettlebells, ViPR, TRX suspension trainers, battling ropes, Bulgarian bags and more. Suitable for those who enjoy using equipment in their workouts.


Pilates exercise is great for building kinesthetic awareness and teaching basic movement patterns,  TRX training leverages gravity to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  Applied in a circuit format, TRX and Pilates movements focus on core strength and flexibility for a full body workout, building better body awareness and better movement.  Suitable for all fitness levels.

A sweaty blend of training elements, incorporating endurance, strength, balance, flexibility and core strength. Guided by compound exercises and functional movement planes, we intend to use as many muscles as possible in one TRX training session utilising this unique training tool.

Experience the intensity of combining Power Plate and TRX to maximise your core stability, increase overall strength and see improved muscle tone. This class will focus on form, strength, flexibility and balance to give you a complete work out in 50 minutes. Previous TRX experience is required.

Celebrate what you have accomplished. Discover more about yourself.


Each 50 minute session uses 2 credits










All sessions/package purchases are to be made in person before attending sessions.  Payment methods: cash or EPS.

In addition to group classes, we offer personal training/small group training designed to target client-specific needs